Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions – click on one to see the answer.

Can my loft space be converted?

If there’s a minimum head clearance of 2 meters at the highest point in the loft then building regulations allow it. This is the first step in finding out if it’s possible to convert your loft.

The head clearance in my loft is below 2 meters - what can I do?

If your home is detached then we are able to re-truss your roof, raise the apex and give you the head clearance required.

Can you give me design advice?

Yes – at the initial stage our sales director will look at your home and determine the best course of action. After deciding to go with Swansea lofts we are able to perform a full survey and our in house technical services can produce a full set of plans (and 3D images). At this point you can review the design further and make decisions.

Can I have a free quotation?

Yes – Click here to contact us and  arrange a sales visit at a convenient time. This allows us to determine if your loft space is suitable for conversion and gives you an opportunity to speak with us.

Will I get a Building Control certificate?

On completion you will be provided with all the correct documents from Building Control, Planning Department and electrical, plumbing and roof guarantees.

What type of floor will my converted loft have?

Your loft will have a fully independent floor fully complying with current Building Control regulations.

What can I have in terms of storage?

We provide storage space to the eaves at the front and rear if applicable, we’ve provided built-in/walk-in wardrobe space for past clients, and we work closely with Paramount Sliding Doors to provide bespoke fitted wardrobes if required.

Can you provide me with recommendations?

Yes, contact us for information.